Fall has come: sunny outdoor day in country side

Fall DayThe youngest of Imbrez dogs along their owners spent the lovely September Saturday in country side, meeting friends and siblings. The surroundings in Oripää were as great as the last time, and altogether with Cheantake dogs and their owners, we counted more than 30 people and over 20 little schnauzers.

The weather was really pampering us, sunny and nearly hot, as we took a long walk in the forests, took a little time for coffee break and continued back to the cottage. The most of dogs being city dogs, running free with other dogs is just a treat! All of them behaved really well and nobody got lost. Just great to see them going!

Fall DayAfter the walk it was time to socialize and eat. Then, again, the little noses headed to the forest and after the Bambi. We had blood tracking for beginners and wow, how well did that go. Amazing! The fall weather caught us little and some tracking was done in more or less pouring rain. After coffee and sauna the sun came back and it was easy to promise that we will be back again. Thank you all participating and thank you also to Nora and Markku for arranging this day with us!