15.8. Eskilstuna

Not only International Champion and Swedish Champion titles from Eskilstuna, Sweden. Inky was Group 2nd and Fenway (Sterling’ Green Monstah) was shortlisted within 10 best dogs FCI group 2. 

This summer was great. Actually the best ever. We have received 19 new titles this summer, 17 of them abroad. 

We have also met many of our good friends in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway and Sweden. The best moments were seen in Estonia, where Toby (Esquire Rezlark) received his International Champion title, in Pori International show, where Toby took group 4th. 

But that was not all for summer 2010. We have also found unbelievable great homes to our Idol- and Green-puppies. Only one puppy has not found a new home, and this is because Zara’s (Chelines One-And-Only) daughter after Fenway stays at home. We would like to thank all our new friends for giving good homes to our puppies.