14.6. Salo All breed

After lovely sunny Saturday, the rainy Sunday morning didn’t exactly put smile in our face. Still 4 dogs ready in the morning and off we went. Nearly home show this one, less than one hour drive. Luckily the show ground was very firm (read: not muddy) gravel field and dogs moved well and didn’t get all wet. All colours were judged by Catharine Rooney from Ireland.

Imbrez Second Opinion EX2 from Open class at Salo

Imbrez Second Opinion

The first we had blacks in the ring, and also two of them first timers. Paavo behaved really quite well and got excellent critique. Imbrez Second Opinion (Pixbo Option x Wards Creek’s Solar Wind) today in his first show Open class 2nd. Thank you Hanna for lettini us show him.

Imbrez All Required EX3 at Salo

Imbrez All Required

Also Anu came with Edi to Salo and both boys were in the same class. Imbrez All Required today Open class 3 with excellent, thank you Anu again!

Black Drop Timbrez EX2 at Salo

Black Drop Timbrez

Our black little pack of joy Ilse 13 months debuted today in the show ring. She still needs plenty of time, but is our future hope with wiry and extremely black coat. Black Drop Timbrez (Black Drop Timberjack x Black Drop Primus Inter Pares) Junior class 3. Thank you Tiina and Juha, Ilse is just Ilse and we love her!

Imbrez Opera's Ghost BOB at Salo

Imbrez Opera’s Ghost

Black and silver little princess Aave doesn’t like to get wet. She was shown today by Niina and despite the rain, it went well and was good practice. Very lovely critique for lovely bitch. Imbrez Opera’s Ghost Champion class 1 and BOB. Thank you Anniina and too bad you had to work, we love showing little ”Ghost”.

Imbrez Opera's Ghost BOB at Salo

Imbrez Formalizer BOB at Salo

Imbrez Formalizer

Anu from Northern Finland visited us for the weekend. Excellent job with Era’s grooming and great handling today. Couldn’t be happier, Imbrez Formalizer (Imbrez Idolizer x Imbrez Do I Know You) today Intermediate Class 1 and BOB. Thank you.

Imbrez Formalizer BOB at Salo