13.7. Hot in Hyvinkää

Hot hot hot in Hyvinkää National Show

Just love these summer shows when weather is nice and rubber boots can be left at home. Today the umbrellas were needed only to prevent us boiling in the sun. But nice day it was.

Imbrez Too Bizzy To Care BOB

Actually it was meaning to leave Grace home… but Niina wanted to show her for the first time and with great results: BOB andCAC. They just made an irresistible couple in the breed ring and this time judge Julia Aidietine did not find a better pair. Congratulations also to Team Cheantake Niilo’s CAC with BOS. That was definitely a great result.

Mikko took Grace to group finals and our little girl stood well in the heat: she was shortlisted among six best of the group by Swedish judge Zorica Salijevic but did not place this time.

Imbrez Idolizer at HyvinkääImbrez Idolizer

Elina had possibility to show Lucky after a long time. And so well they managed. Nice movements and excellent outline when standing. This is what Lucky is made of. 

Imbrez Black Drop at HyvinkääImbrez Black Drop BOS

In the tender age of 10 months he already has two CACs. What can I say…. there will be a very long (14 monts) waiting for the last needed CAC for a Champion title. Indeed, Martti has gained weight and he becomes more masculine every week. And I must say that today his interest towards girls helped him all the way to BOS and certificate. Thank you Carita for the possibility to show Martti. This has been quite a journey and it will continue after a while.

ImbrezBlack Drop BOS and Big Paws Enjoy My Love BOB

Imbrez Black Drop BOS at Hyvinkää