11.8. Raisio All Breed

BOS and cert to TIlli and BM3 to Sulo

Home show with a lot to do, but still time to show some dogs too.  2087 dogs in Raisio of which  34 Miniature Schnauzers. Salt & Pepers were judged by Mr. Miodrag Nikic from Slovenia and Blacks By Kari Granaas Hansen from Norway. So movements… And because of the home show, we had lot of familiar faces from Team Imbrez on the ring side. Thanks to you for being there with us.

Imbrez Smash ’N Crash


Sulo was defenitely on his own level and performed well. Unfortunately there was too much to see and the front movements were a bit too visible this time 🙂 so we are happy with BM3 placement.


Black Drop I’m Getting Golden Angel

Tilli is following her sisters foot steps and took her second certificate. Great performance from Tilli and I personally am most thankful to Petra who made this possible and took Tilli first in the ring while I was still running in the other ring with Sulo. No this means a break of several months to Tilli. She will be 2 years in next winter and will be back after  that.