9.4. Kankaanpää Group Show

Kankaanpää Group Show 9.4.2016 Judge Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari

Imbrez Energizer

Imbrez Energizer moves at Kankaanpää

Dina showed and moved herself very well. Result BB2 with RES-Cert.


Imbrez Drop The Bomb

Imbrez Drop The Bomb at Kankaanpää

Ferro was really expertly owner-handled by Suvi. Result: G


Imbrez Drop by Drop

Imbrez Drop By Drop at Kankaanpää

Zena was owner-handled by Noora. That went much better than we thought.  Result: VG

Thank you girls. You made this day special to me.

Note to myself: We were not very happy with the results of the day.