1.7. Karjaa All Breed

Melli BOB and Owner-handled all the way

 Windy Karjaa welcomed us with a storm light weather. Judge Otto Krcal from Austria took all the colors today. And Blacks were the first in line.

Black Drop I’m Getting Golden Angel

This was Tilli’s 3rd show after last years Tervakoski and BOS win in Salo 2 weeks ago. So she allready knew what to do. And yes, this was the most easiest day for her. I just held the leash. BB4 was her result today.

Imbrez Drop By Drop


Zena returned to the normal and was owner handled again in this show. She get only very good to day because of the natural color. So she should have some more darker furnishing and beard. Beautiful handling and nice presentation. Thank You Noora.

Black Drop I’m Getting Golden Wings

What can I say! She is beautiful as always and her type was just right for today. Also Auli decided to win, that was seen from her eyes even before entering the ring. No pressures, just having fun in the ring with Melli. That was great to see. Best Bitch and BOB were great results.

Imbrez Crash The Party

Not yet. Rudie is still hunting for her last CAC and owbner handled as always. Today was maybe a bit bumpy road, but otherwise she was on her own level. Result today Excellent without CQ,