8.-9.8. Oslo 2 x int

Like we hadn’t travelled enough this summer…well, there was still beutiful Norway to see. Niina and Toby (Esquire Rezlark) visited Oslo in Double INT shows, the muddy Saturday brought already the wanted result: Norwegian and Nordic Champion titles! Ok, no more for this summer. It’s been great, just great. Thank you Heidi and Mindy for a good travelling company!

Mindy at OsloImbrez Weekend Special continues in International shows after puppies 

Heidi asked us if she could have a possibility to come to shows abroad with us. About one month later Heidi and Mindy (Imbrez Weekend Special) have taken 2 CACIBs and several BB-placings. And…what is absolutely the best part of all this, Heidi has owner-handled Mindy every time. Thank you Heidi for all the great work you have done. Still one more to go next year.