08.12. Helsinki gave us Lucky Junior Winner

This year we decided to show only our juniors in Helsinki. We had three pepper and salts in the ring on Saturday. Lucky was the first in the ring. He really surprised us by winning the Junior class and taking the Helsinki Junior Winner 2011 Title. Heidi did excellent job with Honey placing the little girl in Junior class 4th. Ziri remained unplaced with Excellent judgment. So three Imbrez dogs, all with Excellents and one Junior title.

On Finnish Winner show on Sunday we had juniors in two colours. Heidi handled Hani to very good critics with no placement and Niina handled Ziri to Excellent also without BB-placement. Annamaria handled black and silver junior Ansa also to Excellent. This time it was almost refreshing not to take 4th best female place, but indeed a placement would have been nice.

We just have to say it is incredible to have these great friends around us. Thank you Annamaria, Heidi and Elina. You made this year’s Helsinki miracle possible.