8.11. Jyväskylä Int

Four juniors in the ring for the first time. Well, that was unbelievable way to start the International dog show at Jyväskylä. 

Imbrez Forever Fenway

just celebrated his one year birthday and started his show career now in Junior Class. And continued today all the way to Best Male with Anu in their very first dog show together. What a couple to watch in the move. Tammela’s forests have done great things to Robi’s movement. Some influence might also have Robi’s big brothers Giant Schnauzer Rico and Miniature Schnauzer Edi. Thank you Anu for great work with Robi!

Imbrez Forever Fenway BOS at Jyväskylä Int


Imbrez Forever Fenway mowes at Jyväskylä Int

Imbrez Lucky Luke

continued also in Junior Class males with Excellent critique. Sporty family has also built Luke’s movements to perfection. You bet we will be back from the next coat. Thank you Camilla and family for excellent training of Luke! 

Imbrez Lucky Luke Excellent at Jyväskylä int

Imbrez Lucky Me

was also owner handled by Anna. Both Lucky pups are only 9 months old (9 months and 7 days), so excellent with CQ was the job well done. Thank you Anna for the nice weekend and great company!

Imbrez Lucky Me Excellent with CQ at Jyväskylä Int

Imbrez Fenway Park Avenue

was also in the ring for the first time. This little girl was also away from home for the very first time. So it was hard to believe what kind of results she got for the day! Junior class winner, best Bitch winner and Best Of Breed at the end of the day. This little girl knows also how to move. 

Imbrez Fenway Park Avenue BOB at Jyväskylä Int

Imbrez Fenway Park Avenue moves at Jyväskylä Int