08.06 Riga, Latvian Winner 2019

Latvian winner show was a bit different this year. Emppu stayed at home with puppies and little Emppu followed me to Riga. This waas her first show trip to abroad and it was very well spent. She showed her homedogs. On Black & Silver junior females Sisi (Lancome de Akra-Leuka) was 4th in class and on Salt & Peppers Dina (ch Imbrez Energizer) was Best Bitch and Best Of Opposite and New Latvian Champion and Latvian Winner 2019.

Unfortunately we had 7 dogs and almost no time for pictures. Emilia managed to take few pictures with her cellphone and you will see them below.

Black & Silvers

Cato, Wards Creek’s Cat Got Your Tongue started the day on Black & Silvers. This was his first time ever in the ring. He did it nicely and behaved well. A bit surprisingly he got very good with an excellent written critique, but we still were very happy about his performance.

Retro, Myla’s Awesome Stake My REPutation made his first entry to Latvia. Best male 4th was just great.

Unfortunately no pictures about girls, because we all were in the ring at the same time. Maggie, Wards Creek’s Something Magical placed 3rd on junior class and Sisi, Lancome de Akra-Leuka placed 4th.

On Salt & Peppers Zen started in champion class males and won the his class and males and also Latvian Winner 2019 – title. On females Dina, Imbrez Energizer won Champion class and females too. In the end she was Best Of Opposite, Latvian champion and Latvian Winner 2019.

Addy, Myla’s Flirty From Addison Street competed in champion class too  and she became 4th in her class.

SO one day trip to Riga gave us 2 winners and one new champion. Until the next time.