7.12. Finnish Winner Show, Helsinki

Imbrez Forever Fenway

Imbrez Forever Fenway at Helsinki

Robi and Anu nailed it already in Jyväskylä. This time the performance was even better, but on the other hand the competition was also much tougher. We have a very good reason to believe, that 2015 will be a big year to these two. Thank you Anu for these two shows already in 2014!

Imbrez Monster Inc

Imbrez Monster Inc at Helsinki

Yes, I really was and still am proud to handle him, always will be!. This one is more than prototype, he is the picture of those dogs I met in Sweden 1998-2000. I have to say I have a great pleasure to own this fabulous dog together with my friend Milla. Boris was again at his own level. Unfortunately that was not enough to judge Elizabeth Feuz, or maybe it just wasn’t the right type. Champion Class 2 with no best male class placement.

Zer-girls Imbrez Energizer and Imbrez Formalizer

(Notice our team on the background! Thank you girls!)

Imbrez Zer-girls at Helsinki

Imbrez Energizer

Imbrez Energizer at Helsinki

Back to Helsinki with Dina. The first time was the World Winner Show with her first show ever. Junior class was still the right place for Dina. On August, second best Finnish bred junior bitch, and now class fourth. The difference in her appearance was huge. Training at home and shows between have made a great influence on her

Imbrez Formalizer

Imbrez Formalizer at Helsinki

Era was shown the first time breeder handled. There has been almost 4 months since we met this little charmer last time. Indeed coat was a bit short, but the result was excellent. Thank you Anu, I hope I will have several more possibilities to show her! Maybe already next weekend!

Emppu and Dina

Emilia and Dina at Helsinki

Emppu travelled to Helsinki with us and her girl Dina. It was also her first time visiting a big show, just to see and learn. For us one of the greatest moments was this. It is easy to see that this pair will have already done a lot together. Thanks Emppu, next year again!

Imbrez Black Or White

Imbrez Black Or White at Helsinki

”Ansa’s” last show was the great success in Nordic Winner show in Oslo. 3 weeks later was time for Finnish Winner Show. For me this was the first Finnish Winner with Ansa. We did not have so huge expectations, and this year’s Winner title came already from Norway. Ansa still showed well and on her own level, and the movements were even longer than in Oslo. This time the over angulated rear, unclear markings, too small head for the body and for the first time ever unparallel movements were found. Unfortunately this multi champion did not continue in the ring after champion class second with excellent and cq. Maybe the type was wrong again? Black and silvers were judged by Ms Maret Kärdi from Estonia. Anyway I want to thank Annamaria; this has been a great journey with you and Ansa!