1.-3.8. Sawo Show 3 x Int Kuopio

Three days, three International shows. The weather in Kuopio was hot, hot and hot, but as always in outdoor shows, one must be grateful that it didn’t rain. Niina went to summer house for the vacation beforehand, Anniina and Anu joined the team later. Due to judge change, we decided skip the Friday and only show in two shows, which was quite a good decision, the dogs were tired enough due to hot weather on Sunday. Altogether in this family meeting we showed three Solar offspring: two blacks and one black and silver, and two salt&peppers Taika and her daughter Era. Judges were on Saturday Ms. Liliane De Ridder-Onghena from Belgium and on Sunday Mr. Andrew Brace from UK.

Imbrez Opera’s Ghost BB4 on Saturday

Imbrez Opera's Ghost at Kuopio 3 x Int

Imbrez Opera's Ghost moves at Kuopio 3 x Int

Precious little ”Aave” Imbrez Opera’s Ghost entered Junior class with Excellent results both days. BB4 on Saturday, Junior class 1 on Sunday. Well done owner Anniina and little ”ghost”.

Imbrez Get Bizzy

Imbrez Get Bizzy at Kuopio 3 x Int

Jack was shown in Champion Class, not quite the type judges were looking for this time. Best Male 4 on Saturday, Champion Class 3 on Sunday. Still very pleased with his behavior, every now and then he is already ”less bizzy” in the ring.

Imbrez Grand Operetta

Imbrez Grand Operetta at Kuopio 3x Int

Black Diva was next in the ring. Saturday was not for her, but she was still Intermediate class 2 with excellent in judge’s opinion. On Sunday we did better in all ways: Best Bitch 2 with her fourth CAC, and most of important re-CACIB after International Ch bitch, so we also got the first CACIB for Diva! So great. Diva is a full sister to black and silver Aave and half-sister to Jack.

Imbrez Formalizer

Taikas daughter Imbrez Formalizer (Era) visiting us at Kuopio

This was the first real show for our junior girl ”Era” Imbrez Formalizer who just turned 9 months. Excellent and first place in Junior Class. Era was shown only on Saturday in Kuopio as she drove to Siikajoki show for Sunday, resulting there to Best Bitch 2 with re-CAC. Thank you Anu for showing her and your excellent work with her. So looking forward to seeing this little Lucky daughter in the rings in the future!


Imbrez Do I Know You

Imbrez Do I Know You at Kuopio 3 x int

Imbrez Do I Know You moves at Kuopio 3 x int

Imbrez Do I Know You BOS at Kuopio 3 x int

”Taika” returned to show rings after her puppies. Excellent results on Saturday with Anniina and even better on Sunday with Niina: BOS with CACIB and only bitch with CQ.  We are very pleased with Taika’s and Lucky’s (Imbrez Idolizer) ZER-puppies and maybe it is because Lucky being so extreme in type and Taika being, well as judge A. Brace put it so accurately: ”Good basic type, and no drama.” Nothing to add. Congratulations to owner Anniina! BOB in the picture: Cheantake I Put A Spell On You.


Kuopio - Kallavesi - vehmersalmi lake scenery

We are happy to bring home excellent results and 2 x CACIB and one CAC. As always, summer shows in Kuopio also mean wonderful time at summer house by the lake. This sight is something to remember and look at when winter arrives!