6.7. Back To Pärnu

Imbrez Get Bizzy at PärnuLast year we decided to  come back to Pärnu, and so we did. Wonderful weather again,good friends and long sandy beach. Oh, and of course the shows. Never mind the ”rustic” surroundings in Kalev Stadion, the rings were on grass and big enough.

Toby in Best Veteran at Parnu SaturdayBlack boys

We had four Imbrez dogs and Toby (Esquire Rezlark) with us. Black junior Jack (Imrez Get Bizzy) started the day, quite enough energy again, resulting class3 with exc and cq. Toby thought he was junior class again, and we had lots of fun: BOB veteran with exc cq and veteran certificate. Toby is now also Estonian Veteran Champion, wow, what a title 🙂

Boris at Parnu SaturdaySalt & Peppers

Mikko and Boris (Imbrez Monster Inc) started salt and peppers: with style all the way to Best Male and BOS. Grace (Imbrez Too Bizzy To Care) was too dark today for our Austrian judge Erwin Deutscher. Still Jun Class 2 with exc cq.

Hani in group finals at Parnu SaturdayI showed  Hani (Imbrez iDoll) for the first time so there was certain excitement in the air. All well, our judge appreciated Hani and our showing all the way to Best Of Breed! Boris and Hani got both Estonian Certificates and became Estonian Champions and also received those needed CACIBs. I got little bit burnt in the sun, but I guess it was small prize for the day. Quite pleased.