4.1. Gothenburg Speciality, 2 x International Shows

Taking 3 pepper and salt males with to show them all in three shows, was a bit crazy idea when we talked about it first time. But afterwards when we have seen how it went, it was brilliant idea. The first day was speciality show and all three boys were among the four best males. BOB, the best male, 3rd and 4th were totally unexpected, and also the fact that Fenway was the last of the boys. And at the same show Fen’s daughter Ziri BB2 and on black Toby BM2 with BOS-veteran, so yes we were pleased. Judge was F. Christensen from Norway. In the evening we had chance to visit Mikko’s other mother at Pixbo. Thanks A-C and Bosse for your hospitality.

And that was only the first day.
Sterling Green Monstah at Gothenburg Int.

Imnbrez Green Express at Gothenburg IntOn the second day was the first international show.

On Saturday 2 of the boys were among the 4 best males. Friday’s BOB Lucky (Imbrez Idolizer) was left unplaced (Ch3 with CQ) and Fenway (Sterling’ Green Monstah) took his turn to be BOB, followed by his son Boris ( Imbrez Monster Inc) on the 4th place. Again Ziri (Fenway daughter, Imbrez Green Express) was BB2 with res-CACIB and veteran Toby (Esquire Rezlark) flying BM2 in blacks. This time also BOB-veteran. Saturday’s judge was A. Stepinski from Poland.

On Saturday it was not only a good show that made the day. Excellent company with prawn sandwiches and Ocean at the Heaven 23 on the top of the city were the icing on the cake! Thanks Paola, Pontus and Kari.

Esquire Rezlark at Gothenburg int.
Third and last day

Sunday morning and getting ready for the show was already routine, and at the show, again 2 ps boys were among the 4 best. This time Fenway 3rd and Lucky 4th again. Ziri was second again, but this time after beautiful Maclinks bitch. And Toby was again BM2 in blacks with BOS-veteran. Luckily enough, Fen found a girl and moved to Södertälje for a while…. Judge on Sunday was O. Staunskjaer from Denmark.

We were back to Finland on Tuesday morning just in time to arrange a double show weekend in Turku.

The most rememberable thing from this Swedish weekend was the great pepper and salt male’s champion class with 11 dogs. It really was a pleasure to see so many beautiful well-handled dogs in the ring at the same time.