Summer and shows are here!

And so is soon the vacation. This summer time with our dogs is for relaxing, travelling and just hanging out, lovely! Just hoping that July brings also the sun and warmth along, now the weather has been more like in the fall time. This summer is full of shows and we are also waiting for a couple new great things to happen. Expectations are high, but we will see how things work out. See you friends soon again by the ring side!

Lola, the first black and silver Imbrez ChampionLola, the first black and silver Imbrez Champion

Lola has finally received Finnish Champion title! In the age of 5 years and after 5 res-CAC, the third real one feels good! BOB in Aura and BOS in Salo, that was much more than we expected from the first two shows in this circuit. Thanks to judges J. Steinbock from Israel and R. Kazlauskaite from Lithuania for finding out our little girl. The biggest thanks belong to Päivi and Hannu. Lola being now in the best shape ever at the age of 5 years, has required a lot of good care from you. Without you two we never have had a black and silver champion to kennel Imbrez. 

Imbrez Lucky EsqapadeLittle girls still on the road

So close to perfection. Imbrez Lucky Esqapade, Nelly, got her fourth res-CAC in Aura national dog show and fifth one in Salo one day later… So we will continue the hunt for the last CAC. Nelly’s show circuit has been quite long already, but there’s one more show for the road, Hämeenlinna National show. After that Nelly will have a little longer break in showing.