Cheantake & Imbrez puppy meeting 3.5.2008

Cass and Weekend puppies had a sunny puppy day together with Cheantake crew. Oripää’s hunting cottage and beautiful forests were great surrounding for this happy gettogether day. There were almost 30 dogs and 25 people spending good time together.

We started with a long walk in the forest to let the extra steam out. That worked quite well, weather was warm and there was no problems at all. Amazing how well big group of dogs can behave!

After walks was time for lunch and coffee. Bravest ones even got wet in swimming. Then all the interested ones got tips for grooming and showing. The blood tracks turned out to be great fun for the little noses. As there’s no summer without rain, the last trackers got soaked.  However, after the rain came sun, Sauna and few sausages.
Thank You for all the participants, both people and dogs. Special thanks to Nora and Markku for organising the day with us!

Blood tracking is worth tryingBlood tracking is worth trying

”Nicer than I thought” said Sannamari after Nero had tried tracking.
Nora and Niina had made few blood tracks to the forest day before and those who wanted, got a chance to try tracking.     Thus tracking may not be the most common hobby, all the dogs found a deer treasure at the end of the track.

Cheerful day for puppiesCheerful day for puppies

This was the first meeting for Weekend puppies. Half a year had gone since they left and there was definetely lot to talk between puppies and of course with owners.
I think the owners took this little more peacefully.