16.-24.7. Two new titles from the Baltics

This year, at last, our family decided to make a combined holiday and exhibition trip to Latvia and Estonia.


Part of our pack was left for to spend the holidays in Finland. Era’s fellow traveler was our borderterrier FI, SE, NO & Nordic CH Mel Arctic Alpine Catchfly ( became champion also in Latvia and Estonia during our trip)

Imbrez Formalizer BOB at Riga

First shows were Ogre Winner 2016 and Ogre Summer 2016. At Saturday Imbrez Fomalizer, Era, was BOS and it meant that we have new LV CH, judge was Tomas Rohlin (DK). At Sunday Era was BOB and the judge was Collette Muldoon (IE). 

Imbrez Formalizer BOS at Ogre and new LV ch

What a perfect weekend and now it was time to relax and see the sights at Riga, Jurmala and Pärnu. 

Anu and new champions

Imbrez Formalizer BOB at Tarto and new EE CH
The second weekend was Tartu shows. At Saturday Imbrez Formalizer, Era, was BB3, judge was John R. Walsh. At Sunday Era was BOB it meant that we have new EE CH, judge was Dina Korna. 

2 new EE champions
After show it was time to drive to Tallinn.  There we spend few days and dogs loved to have long walks at the Old Town parks.

Jarkko with champions


Text and pics by Anu