25.-26.4 Denmark Roskilde 2 x IDS

Long waited journey started finally.

Road to Roskilde

On Thursday evening we drove with Hanna, Hani and Mila to Turku to take a boat over to Stockholm. Friday morning in Stockholm and drive towards Malmö may begin. After heavy traffic in Stockholm downtown area we had time to take a pit stop to local gas station to walk with the dogs and eat breakfast.


Friday was meant to be a travelling day and that it really was. I drove and Hanna photographed. we found Malmö much sooner than we think, so the Swedish part of driving went very well. After Malmö there were again that great experience of Juutinrauma bridge. Kilometers to drive over the sea and some under the see too. The view from the bridge is something unforgettable.

Roskilde Hotel

We arrived to Roskilde in late afternoon and checked in to our Prindsen Hotel, which was a really old building in Roskilde Downtown.

Saturday morning: Early bird takes dogs out, washing and final groomings and of to Dyrskueplads we go.

IDS on Saturday:

Memorytale’s Can I Care For You ”Mila” Open EX2, CQ, PB2, RESSERT and RESCACIB.

Imbrez iDoll “Hani” CH EX2, CQ, BB4. Judge: Nils Jordal, Denmark.

Video from saturday: https://www.facebook.com/h.agerskov/videos/10206748445579855/?pnref=story

and after the showday great lunch with some shopping.

On Sunday morning we were able to get some extra hour of sleep because our ring was in very decent time.

IDS on Sunday:

PS BOB At Roskilde

Memorytale’s Can I Care For You ”Mila” OPEN EX2, CQ.

Imbrez iDoll “Hani” CH EX1, CQ, BB1, SERT, CACIB and BOS. Judge Marija Kavcic, Slovenia.

So we got what we were after: Hani became Danish Champion and International Champion.

Imbrez iDoll at Roskilde

After the show of Sunday we drove to Jönnköping in Sweden and stayed overnight at a most woderfull place: Bashults Gårds. Place with original Swedish landscape and view. Beautifull horse ranch and yes we stayed overight over the horses. Dogs had plenty of room in long evening walk and that was definitely what they needed after some days in city. We just fell in love to this place.


We had long sleep and plenyt of time to start driving towards Stockholm. That trip was mostly finding good shopping malls for souvenirs and something extra. We were lucky to take some extra hours for the trip, because Stockholm traffic was something unexpected. Ten kilometers took one hour to drive. Anyhow we found the harbor and were at the ferry in good time.

Have to say that we had a great trip and we get what we were after. Some sun would have been nice, but all other expectation full filled!

Huge thanks to Hanna for making this trip possible. Iwould have been lost (several times) without your company and helping hand. And we also have a new handler BB-ring with Mila on both days. Thank You Hanna!

Original Text by Heidi, Pics by Hanna

Creative translation faults by Mikko