Year 2018

Dear friends,

Thank You for this extra ordinary year 2018. The year has been something really unexpected for me. All this work with our dogs were just dreams in 2017. I was ready to cut down showing and I already down scaled the number of dogs at home in 2017. We also had a huge renovation work in our home so I really thought that we should have been down scaling even more for 2018.

However some miracles happened. You, members of our team Imbrez started showing our dogs already on January with great results and day after day I get my show attitude back. That was also helped by Emppu who wanted to take a part to my dog life and even much more I ever could have hoped.

32 new titles for 12 dogs has been something special. And we also have many youngster waiting for there last wins for Finnish champion titles. Thank You all for showing and helping us with our dogs. You have done excellent work.

So I would say huge thanks to You all for this great year of 2018!

I can not promise you that we will have as brilliant 2019, but we will do our best for that. We have now 6 dogs at home and we have found excellent homes for 2 of our girls. We are starting a new color of Black and Silvers. And I would like to thank also our friends abroad, who have entrusted their crown jewels for us to help us to get better start in our BS breeding program.

Now it is time for Christmas vacation, time for our families and we will be back again in January.

And yes, 2019 will bring us several litter of puppies too in pepper and salt and in black color.